Maria Sharapova asked again and again to bring towels filled with ice. In the final of French Open she faced Simona Halep.  After 3h 02m play, Sharapova raises arms 6-4, 6-7, 6-4. It is the victory of faith: 20th straight game.

“It was the hardest Grand Slam final I’ve ever played,” then acknowledged champion, still excited. “All my respect for Simona,” she added after lifting her second title at Roland Garros Open. “This is a dream come true. This is such an emotional moment that I can not even talk, ” said Sharapova.

“Simona ! Simona ! Simona ! ” Roars the public before, during and after the game, because they preferred the newcomer to the experienced champion. The sun gets full. Fills with white hats sunshine.

Halep showed twice to take the match to the third set, and twice Sharapova breaks between tremendous shots, agonizing defenses and incredible coincidences, as the Romanian break a string in the middle of a point.

And finally, they reach the third set. The Russian field, being carried out with break. It is the opportunity to Halep, howling exalted by the supporters, who wants to see a player who puts the wrist before the arm, betting on talent and not force, lifting the Cup long ago, in any case, that Sharapova live with a disconnected service, as much as anyone has been suffering with that shoulder that forced her to undergo surgery and  almost a year long break; and again from the end of 2013 she had six months away from the slopes. The Russian play from the heart rather than from the racket. And at 4-4 in the third set, shows the hammer: blank breaks kick Romanian serves her haste and adding the final eight points held the title of knees, opening the jaws and pointing skyward the clouds with a finger. The mark of a whole number one.