The president of the Palestinian Authority, Mahmoud Abbas, on Wednesday assured that the Palestinian security forces looking for three young Israelis kidnapped last Thursday night, when hitchhiking near a Jewish settlement in the West Bank. “They want to destroy us,” said the Palestinian president, probably referring to the Palestinian unity government formed this month.

Abbas and his party, Fatah, arrived in April to a reconciliation agreement with Hamas who control the Gaza Strip. Israel blamed the triple kidnapping the armed wing of Hamas, considered a terrorist organization by the European Union and the United States. The Israeli authorities continue the rescue operation ” from the premise that are still alive.” Israeli army has detained more than 240 Palestinians, mostly related to Hamas in the West Bank. Among them, six of its leaders.

A senior Israeli Armed Forces at the Ministry of Defence on Wednesday precluded any doubt that Hamas kidnapped the three young Jews from 16 to 19. Army believe that “Hamas would probably have preferred to kidnap three soldiers, but gave the young and the old, they might think they were undercover soldiers”. In the dome of Defense believe that kids “are being held in a house or in a cave or nearby Hebron.” Uniformed seek them there, every house, since last Friday. Israel has increased its military presence in the West Bank by 50 %. On Wednesday there operated nine military divisions, infantry, paratroopers, elite forces and intelligence.

“We were in a dilemma,” said the Israeli official on Wednesday, “of how to deal with the disappearance: massive or as we are doing.” Highlighted in the Defense Ministry that Israel ” has not blocked the entire West Bank, only the Hebron area ” where are the missing suspect.

There is no sign they are alive, but their last known whereabouts is about 20 miles north of Hebron. Near the city was also located a burned car that could be related to the kidnapping. The increased military pressure ” focuses on points that we had some time in the spotlight,” he said. These charitable organization Hamas, Dawa, which Israel accuses of serving recruitment center, ideological training and funding for the group. Israel has seized “tens of thousands of dollars.”

The economic and personal consequences for the civilian population ” are a result of the modus operandi of Hamas outside Gaza, which is a terrorist group without state structure.” The Government of the West Bank, recalled in Tel Aviv, ” has agreed with Hamas ” reconciliation. Now “is paying the price for that decision.”