In addition to a terrorist organization, the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIS) that plagues many regions of northern and eastern Iraq two weeks ago and is on the doorstep of the capital, Baghdad, is no more a jihadist group. It is also a company that has neatly accounts terror.

The group surprised the Army of Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki and the West, which has even led U.S. weaponry after the defection of Iraqi troops from cities like Mosul, may have medieval methods, but it has become to modern issues in advertising.

For two years, sophisticated reports published – the last of which, released in March, has just been translated into English and shredded by the prestigious Institute for the Study of War in Washington (ISW) – own a large corporation, in order, apparently and according to the ISW, to advertise their achievements, gain supporters and contributors to the cause and even gain weight on social networks, where they are very active.

This second report in Arabic and some 400 pages entitled a succinct Al Naba, as the first, covering November 2012 to November 2013 and focuses on Iraq before the current offensive. The text does not save a single atrocity: lists all the attacks. Shows the strategy of the organization and is useful for methods of operation. ” The military campaign in Iraq and Syria shows that its objective is the establishment of a transnational emirate,” the analysis of the ISW. “They are the heirs of Al Qaeda and more powerful than you might think. There was no Al Qaeda in Iraq before 2003 and now this is crazy, “says Bruce Ridel, of the Brookings Institution, a think tank in the United States.

The EIIL attributed 15,000 active militiamen. The report adds that, just in 2013, conducted in Iraq over 10,000 operations, 1,000 murders (in the period analyzed more than 8,000 civilians were killed in the country) and 4,000 explosives detonated. Car bombs also increased (537 in 2013 during the period referred versus 230 in all of 2012). They freed hundreds of prisoners jihadists. 30% of these attacks occurred in the province of Nineveh, which would make this area the main objective of the rebels. The ISW specifies that the figures could be inflated attacks. The report does not detail translated ISIS activities in Syria. Instead, says the claim of the jihadists in preparing the report is to attract donors, among others.

According to experts, ISIS activity could not flourish without financial funding. In addition to Saudi Arabia, sources of funding are criminal activities such as extortion. For this concept, they charged about eight million dollars, according to the Council on Foreign Relations (another U.S. think tank). Funding is also provided, according to the report, oil theft and kidnapping in Syria.