Pakistani passport holders are now required to apply for Sri Lankan visa as they can no longer avail the facility of visa on arrival. Sri Lanka has cancelled the visa on arrival for all the Pakistani nationals due to increased number of green passport holders are claiming refugee status in Sri Lanka.

It has been recently reported that Sri Lankan authorities had detained about 1500 Pakistani nationals who are registered with UNHCR for their suspected involvement in the anti state activities in Pakistan and India. These Pakistanis will be deported to Pakistan.

Many Pakistani nationals were flying to Sri Lanka after committing crimes in Pakistan and making asylum claims. However, new rules to obtain visa from the Sri Lanakan High commission in Pakistan before boarding a plane will make it difficult for them.

Pakistani nationals are already among the countries who face the most restrictions when it comes to traveling to other countries of the world according to Henley Visa Restriction Index 2013. Only 31 countries allow Pakistani nationals visa on arrival facilities now.

Sri Lanka government has advised all the Pakistani citizens to apply for visa in Pakistan before starting their travel to Pakistan.