Punjab CM, Shahbbaz Sharif, recently came out in the open and stated that he has taken notice about the load shedding issues in the province of Punjab.


Pakistan has been experiencing an energy crisis for quite some time now and the governments have not done much in order to eradicate the problem. This means that the people do not get enough electricity throughout the hot weather and it becomes extremely difficult for the government as well as they are forced to sort these issues out.

In recent events, Punjab experienced a lot of load shedding, even during the month of Ramzan, when the Governments promise that they will fix the load shedding issue for a month so that the people can eat in peace and spend the whole day fasting without any trouble.

However, this Ramzan was quite different for the people. Not only were they fasting during the heat, they had no electricity during the day.

This caused a protest and CM Punjab, Shahbaz Sharif, has claimed that he has taken notice regarding this matter.

Even though this situation is going to get sorted out during this month, things will definitely change after ramzan as the authorities are not going to hold back in cutting off electricity from different areas of the country.