Every Pakistani that is currently fasting in the month of Ramzan fully understands the importance of moon sighting in the country. The Ruet E Hilal committee is always perplexed about the situation as they are often unable to spot the moon.


This time again the same incident repeated itself when the Ruet E Hilal committee was trying to spot the moon for the Pakistani people. They claimed that they did not see the moon during the evening but later found out that it was present at 11:00PM night, something that is almost impossible.

The people of Pakistan were still asked to keep a fast on the next day as it was stated that it will be the first of Ramzan on the following day.

Now the Ruet E Hilal committee is going to be looking at the moon once again as they are getting together on Monday. The weather is expected to be extremely cloudy as Pakistan is witnessing rainfall.

However, people have yet again given the Ruet E Hilal committee all hope, expecting them to sight the moon when they gather on Monday.

Either Eid can take place on Tuesday or Wednesday, which means that the public can actually enjoy a whole 10-day holiday, starting from Saturday.