At least 60 prisoners were killed Thursday and eight policemen injured in an attack on the bus prisoners were taken  in northern Baghdad (Iraq). A group of gunmen launched the attack with explosives that exploded when the vehicle in the Al Taji. The attack has provoked an intense exchange of gunfire between security forces and attackers.

No group has claimed the responsibility for the attack, similar to what occurred last month in Babel province, some 110 kilometers south of Baghdad, where 71 prisoners and two policemen were killed when gunmen stormed the convoy in which they were being transferred to prison Al Qasem.

Those prisoners came from the prison of the Akrab Qauat in Babel, for detainees under the anti-terrorism law passed in 2005, heavily criticized by the Sunnis, who feel that is applied against them; especially the fourth article, which stipulates death penalty and life imprisonment for those involved in terrorist crimes.

Iraqi officials and the insurgents of the Islamic State (EI) have accused each other for murdering prisoners since the conflict began in early June . The EI has taken control of large parts of western, northern and central Iraq.

A year ago, another insurgent assault against two prisons allowed evasion of 500 inmates.