Israel finally agrees to a 3-day ceasefire after it has managed to kill 1900 Palestinians during the war that is taking place in Gaza. The nation that has been labelled as ‘war criminals’ have been targeting women and children and are trying to kill every single Palestinian who currently resides in the Gaza district.

Palestinians, on the other hand, are only defending themselves through Hamas – which is ironically labelled as a terrorist group. Israel claims that Hamas is a terrorist organization that is trying to kill Israeli army men and innocent people living in Israel. However, that is not the case. Hamas are only trying to defend Gaza as Israel has attacked the area and is currently trying to take over the land.

So far 1900 Palestinians have already been martyred and now Israel and Hamas have decided to call it a truce for 72 hours. Last time the two parties opted for a ceasefire, Israel was still shooting and killing innocent civilians and children.

Without a doubt, Israel is currently acting like a war criminal and the world leaders should take notice of this situation. So far only 67 Israelis have died as compared to 1900 Palestinians. Out of these 67, only 3 of them were civilians.