The three days of air strikes by American forces in northern Iraq to stop the advance of the militants of the Islamic State (EI) ” have been very effective on the basis of reports received from the ground,” said Monday the Secretary of Defense USA, Chuck Hagel, during a bilateral summit with Australia in Sydney.

However, at dawn on Monday EI militants managed to seize control of the town of Jalawla, 115 kilometers from Baghdad, after weeks of fighting with Kurdish forces (the Peshmerga), police said. Sunni jihadists have also taken two neighboring villages in this region of northeast Iraq. Falling Jalawla comes days after a suicide bomber killed 10 Kurdish fighters in that city. Last Sunday, the Kurdish forces said they had retaken two towns in the north  taken by EI- first time since USA launched the air offensive against jihadists.

The situation of civilians in northern Iraq deteriorates rapidly. Already more than half a million who have had to flee their homes. Thousands of Yazidis have taken refuge in the mountains of Sinjar, near the Syrian border, without food or water and with temperatures up 50 degrees.

These Yazidis fleeing the massacres as the Baghdad government, the EI is committing against the minority that believes ” devil worshiper.” Some 500 were executed in Sinjar and 300 women abducted for enslaved, according to Iraqi government.

The desperation of those trapped Yazidis is such that a British military plane had to suspend the release Monday of humanitarian aid to the risk of dropped packets that could harm the people waiting on the ground. ” So many people on the plane who unfortunately could not complete the launch, because we feared jeopardizing their lives was coming,” a spokesman for Prime Minister David Cameron.

Following a meeting of the emergency response committee, London decided to send to the area a ” small number ” of Tornado aircraft to use their ” excellent surveillance capabilities to achieve a better understanding of the situation ” in order to conduct relief operations safely, according to the Government of Cameron.

UK, France and Australia have offered to participate in helping the Yazidis, and even US evacuate arises Yezidis. The British have managed to complete a release of humanitarian aid (water, filtration equipment and powered by solar energy that can be used as mobile phone chargers lamps).