McDonald’s Pakistan has said in statement that it does not receive any products from the factory in question that is Husi Shanghai Factory. Our products only come from Husi Dachang Factory which is 35 km outside Beijing.

McDonald’s Pakistan has never imported any products from Husi Shanghai Factory which is about 1300 km apart from Husi Dachang with 15-hour drive time or 2-hour flight time. The quality of Dachang Factory has never been in question and is cleared and approved by HeBei FDA.

The import documents prove that these products are sourced from the Dachang plant, from the following address:

The Husi Food Co. Ltd, Xiadian Town, No.171, Muslim Business Trade Street, Xiadian Town, Dachang Hui Autonomy Country, HeBei Province, China.

 All of our meats are 100% certified Halal, and are sourced only from internationally accredited and trusted suppliers. Our Halal certificates are featured prominently in our restaurants. Moreover, the chicken products also come from Mac Food Malaysia.

Our customers expect the highest quality from us, and we are dedicated to providing them with that. We always follow the highest food safety practices business, and we demand all our suppliers do the same.

 We are proud of our reputation and our long standing record of committing to the highest standards of quality, food safety, and imposing the same level of high standards on all our suppliers.


  1. It is an appreciable measure by the business concern. hopefully, it may also have been published in Urdu dailies, and if need be aired via some FM channels.

  2. Pakistan is one of the best producer of meat products. Why dont MacDonald procure meat items from Pakistan? Also it must be ensured that all meat stuff should be processed as per islamic rules.