Heavy monsoon rains in Pakistan has claimed at least 70 lives so far. The death toll is expected to increase as the torrential rains continue to pour in the upper Punjab and Azad Kashmir. Some areas received over 200mm of rain during the past 24 hours. Most deaths were result of building collapse and electric shocks.

There are warnings of flooding in many regions of Pakistan due to heavy rain fall during the last 48 hours. Major parts of Lahore were under water after the heavy rain. The roofs of a number of old houses caved in killing many children and women. The death toll in Pakistan is at least 70 so far.

There have been some mud slides in some areas injuring many persons and killing at least two.

Pakistan’s meteorological office have issued alert that more heavy rains are possible in Pakistan during the next 72 hours.

Disaster Management Agency has warned that flash flooding in all the major rivers of Pakistan can cause more deaths in coming days. People living in the areas adjacent to rivers have been warned to move to saver places.

In Rawalpindi, the Naala Lae is flowing at its maximum level of 17 feet. The spillways of Rawal Dam were opened due to large influx of water arriving in the water reservoir. The flooding damaged a number of houses in the area.

Rising water in Chenab river have flooded some of the villages.