According to a report that emerged on Sunday, a senior Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) pilot is responsible for a serious safety violation for a Trans-Atlantic flight he operated without the requisite rest.

Moreover, PIA has taken no action against the highly influential pilot Qasim Hayat and has not even shared details of the inquiry with media.

The safety violation took place when Qasim Hayat flew from Islamabad to Lahore on April 6, after having delayed the flight, which was originally scheduled for April 5. From Lahore he then flew straight to Canada on April 7, even though he was required to take complete rest. By violating the mandatory resting requirement, the pilot endangered the lives of around 350 passengers on his flight.

Alarmingly, sources revealed that PIA failed to take any action against the pilot, even though this incident was not the first of its kind. Another pilot, Amir Hashmi, is believed to have violated similar safety requirements twice earlier, and PIA had not taken any action against him either, setting a poor example.

In flights this long, it is mandatory for pilots to take a 24-hour rest, and repeated violations of this safety rule by PIA pilots without any action taken against them shows negligence on part of the airline.