The bombing attacks on Easter Sunday by the Taliban faction Jamaat-ul-Ahrar were Pakistan’s deadliest since the 2014 attacks in a Peshawar military operated school that saw 134 children dead.

The attack on Christians celebrating Easter Sunday in a Park in Lahore which claimed the lives of 72 Pakistani’s who were mostly Muslim, has prompted condemnation from all over the world including from Pope Francis, who described the attacks as “hideous”.

The Christian community in Pakistan as a result, is ever more fearful that they are becoming the target of Jihadist groups. The targeting of Christians has become an increasing trend recently, prompting fears that Jammat-ul-Ahrar is subscribing to the Isis modus operandi of inflicting gruesome violence on anyone perceived as infidels.

Irshad Ashnaz, the Christ Church Vicar, called on the government to offer more protection for Christians echoing Pope Francis.

A minister of Punjab province confirmed that authorities had detained up to 5,000 Islamist militants but released most of them.

Zaeem Quadri a Punjab government spokesman said the government had increased security at Churches and this is why the latest attack was done in a Park.