The National Museum of Natural History was completely destroyed by a fire which erupted in the wee hours of Tuesday morning in India’s capital city of New Delhi.

According to the details provided, the fire started at around 1:30 AM on Tuesday morning and it spread quickly thereafter. The museum, which is housed in the FCCI building, is a six-story building and according to reports, all the floors were destroyed. The fire reportedly started on the top floor of the museum but till now, the cause of the fire is still not known.

It took four hours for the firefighters to douse the blaze and around 40 fire engines were called to the scene. Initial investigations suggested that the building’s fire and safety mechanics were not up-to-date, due to which it was difficult for the fire fighters to extinguish the fire.

Five firefighters were also overcome by heavy smoke and they had to be rushed to the hospital. It has been reported that the firefighters are out of danger but will be kept at the hospital for further treatment.

The National Museum of Natural history is a state run museum in New Delhi and it features thousands of exhibits on plants, animals and mineral wealth from India and around the world. Included in the collection was a 160-million year old fossil bone of a lizard-footed dinosaur, called Saurpod.

The damage caused to the museum by this massive fire is being assessed and an investigation into its cause has also been launched.