Homemade bombs ended up blasting in the same place where they were being made in a small town in Indian’s West Bengal province. The same place is marked by extreme violence these days as fights keep erupting between political parties ahead of state elections.

According to the details provided, there were several people making homemade bombs in a house in a village located 360 kilometers north of Kolkata on Sunday night. All of a sudden, the entire house exploded resulting in the immediate death of four people and injury of six others. Due to the force of the explosion, the entire house was badly damaged. The area surrounding the house shook and accompanying buildings were also damaged.

“Four people were killed and six others injured when the bombs they were making exploded in a house at Baisnabnagar village,” Anuj Sharma, West Bengal additional director general of police, told AFP. “The explosion rocked the area and damaged the house.”

The police quickly appeared at the site of the blast and started their investigations. So far the reason for the bomb making has not been uncovered and no arrests have been made in this regard.

Usually, homemade bombs are used by workers of rival political parties to intimidate voters ahead of polling day. The final stage of state elections is due to be held in West Bengal soon, so it is being speculated that the bombs were to be used there.

India has sent extra security forces to West Bengal for the election.