In a fight that escalated on Monday over a cellphone charger, a man poured acid on his younger brother.

Garth police station officer, Sarfraz Ahmad stated that Shafaqat Ali had thrown acid on his younger brother, Sharafat Ali during an argument as to who would use the cellphone charger first.

The victim, Sharafat suffered from severe burns on his face and was moved to Allied Hospital Faisalabad. According to doctors, there is likelihood that Sharafat may lose vision in one eye due to 40 percent burns on his face and neck.

The suspect fled from the incident and as a result, no arrests have been made so far.

In the previous week, a man was victim of acid burns by a 36-year-old woman because of failing to accept her marriage proposal in Multan.

Police sources reveal that Shamim, who was a resident of Moza Gharyal in Multan district’s Makhdoom Rasheed area, poured acid on Sadaqat, aged 24 after he declined to marry her. Sadaqat has been moved to Nishtar Hospital Multan for further treatment.

Based on sources at the hospital, Sadaqat received 60 percent burns following which the next 24 hours are important for him.

Police officials arrested Shamim after the incident, after which she confessed her crime. Reports show that the two were in an affair for more an a year.