After a deadly war which claimed many innocent lives as well, Syrian President Bashar-Al-Assad’s forces have reclaimed Aleppo from rebel forces. Both Iran and Russia backed Asad’s forces in the war against the rebel groups, whom they termed as ‘terrorists’.

Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani and his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin both congratulated Assad on the reclaiming of Syria’s second city from the rebel forces.

“The Syrian army’s victory sends a message that the terrorists cannot achieve their objectives. We must stop terrorists using the ceasefire to rebuild their forces and create new bases in other regions of Syria,” Rouhani said following the call on Saturday night, according to a statement published by state media.

It was reported that Putin also called Assad and welcomed the defeat of the rebel forces in Aleppo. He further said that cooperation between Tehran and Moscow ‘will continue’ till the time all the terrorists are ousted from Syria.

“The result of this cooperation is a major victory in the fight against international terrorism,” added Putin.

He added that peace talks would take place in Kazakhstan, without providing any further details.

The Syrian forces retook control of eastern Aleppo this week after it was being held by disparate rebel groups since mid-2012. Russia entered the conflict in September 2015 by providing the air force’s help to the Syrian troops whereas Iran has provided military advisors and frontline ‘volunteer’ fighters.

A month-long offensive by the forces caused tens of thousands of civilians to flee their homes and seek refuge elsewhere.