There is a new twist in the case of the 10-year-old child maid Tayyaba, who was allegedly tortured by her employers, as all of a sudden, she has gone missing.

According to the latest details provided, Tayyaba and her father have gone missing and no one really knows where they are. The maid and her parents have been summoned by the court and they were scheduled to appear today for the hearing.

Tayyaba’s relatives earlier made contradicting claims of her being taken to Karachi and Faisalabad, while her grandfather said that she was still in Islamabad. One of Tayyaba’s aunts told reporters that she had been taken to Karachi by her parents on Wednesday, where her paternal grandmother and aunt live.

However, another source told the police that the little girl and her parents had gone back to their own home in Faisalabad. When the Child Protection Bureau reached their house, there was no one there and that is when the girl was reported missing.

The police also tried to contact Tayyaba’s father, Azaz Syed on his mobile phone, but it has been switched off since morning. Mobile data showed Syed’s last location to be that of Lehtrar Road in Islamabad, showing that the girl and her parents are still in Islamabad.

Tayyaba had been a maid at an Additional Sessions Judge’s house in Islamabad for the last two years. Her case came to light when someone posted pictures of her on social media, showing brutal torture marks on her entire body.

Tayyaba initially claimed that the marks on her body were due to different accidents, but when she was later probed, she revealed that she was regularly beaten by her employers.

The girl’s father later ‘forgave’ his daughter’s torturers, but the Chief Justice of Pakistan, Mian Saqib Nisar, took suo moto notice of the incident and the case will now continue in the court.