This is just the second edition of Pakistan Super League (PSL) and already it has been marred with controversies. Two Pakistani cricketers who were playing in the PSL have been accused of spot-fixing with an international group, in the second edition of the PSL in order to corrupt the game.

The two cricketers who are facing charges are Sharjeel Khan and Khalid Latif, who got suspended from the game last Friday, after rumors of the spot-fixing emerged.

According to a source in Pakistani Cricket Board (PCB), both the players have been advised to plead guilty to the charges against them in order to minimize the penalties that they are going to face. Khalid, who had offered to become an approver, was asked by a top official of the board to confess his mistake and plead guilty, while a similar offer was made to Sharjeel as well.

“If players confess their mistake in hearing and plead guilty, then their penalty is likely to be minimised from what they are going to face,” said the source.

Khalid and Sharjeel were sent home from Dubai on Friday after being suspended from their teams for their alleged links with an international syndicate that attempted to corrupt the PSL. A formal charge sheet is being prepared by the PCB against the two players and it is expected to be presented to them today.

A source told reporters that the PCB has enough evidence against Sharjeel and Khalid for meeting with a bookie named Yousaf, and agreeing to spot-fixing. Meanwhile, other players from the team have asked for harsh punishments against the accused so that such actions can be avoided in the future.