After much consideration, it has been decided that the Pakistan Super League (PSL) final will be held in Lahore, despite the current security situation. The decision was taken in a meeting held in Dubai on Monday between the PSL management and the owners of the team franchises.

Initially, it was decided that the PSL final will be played in Lahore, but a blast which took place last week in the city, put things on a stand-still. Talk of holding the final in Dubai was underway, but now a decision has been reached and the final match will be played in Lahore.

A number of international players participating in PSL had voiced their concerns over the match taking place in Pakistan, due to the security situation. However, PSL chairman Najam Sethi said that the final will take place in Lahore and if the international players do not wish to come, they can be replaced with local players.

Yesterday, star player Shahid Afridi had urged that the PSL season two final should be held in Pakistan during a post-match press conference. “The final, as announced, should be held in Pakistan, with or without international players,” he said.

“This is about respect, we can play with our local players but I request overseas players who have supported PSL to also come to Pakistan and continue their support,” he had added.

“Pakistan Cricket Board should look at the situation and if things are not working out [in Lahore], we have options,” he said adding, “We have Pindi stadium, we have stadium in Karachi. I hope the cricket board will take good decision.”

So far a number of international players have refused to play in Lahore, but a confirmation of their participation will only be made once the final teams have been selected.