The 5th Hum Awards took place last week, and what people are talking about most regarding the award show is the distasteful joke that the host of the show, Yasir Hussain, cracked about child molestation.

Even though the audience seemed to explode into a fit of laughter, the social media world did not share the same sentiments with the audience and exploded into a whirlwind of anger.

According to the details, the incident took place when Ahsan Khan went up to the stage to receive his accolade for his role in a drama serial called Udaari. The drama highlighted the hushed issue of child molestation. When Khan was on the stage, Hussain said; “Itna khobsurat child molester, kash main bhi bacha hota. (Seeing such a good-looking child molester, I wish I was a child too!)”

What was most shocking thing was that no one from the audience called out Hussain for his inappropriate remark and instead, he was met with applause.

However, people on Twitter showed their outrage over this remark, by calling out Hussain for his crass comment on such a sensitive issue.

Singer Hadiqa Kiani also aired her anger and said that she was thankful to have left early otherwise it would have been really hard to witness such a shameful thing in person.

When people questioned whether this joke was part of the script, it was discovered that it wasn’t.

Responding to the criticism, Hussain shared his side of the story through a Snapchat video.

“I am just as against child abuse as you all are. The joke I made is being portrayed in a different manner than I had originally intended to. I apologise to Ahsan bhai and the rest.”

When someone from a local media outlet managed to talk to him, interestingly, this is what he had to say, “First of all, no one’s talking about the first part of my segment which got a lot of laughs, why is the positive aspect of my performance being put aside?”

“Secondly, when you improvise, things come out of your mouth that may not be appropriate. What I said, I said in praise of Ahsan Khan, it had nothing to do with child molestation. I certainly didn’t mean to encourage child molestation. But if this hurts people, then I have said sorry for it,” he continued.