One has come across many stories of South Asians trying to marry people from the Western countries to get citizenship, but it rarely happens that the opposite case takes place. However, this is what happened in the case of 59-year-old British woman, Diane De Zoysa and her 26-year-old husband Priyanjana.

Diane came to Sri Lanka for a holiday in 2015 and fell in love with a young hotel worker by the name of Priyanjana. Even though the boy was 33 years older than Diane, they both fell in love and had a whirlwind romance while she was in Sri Lanka.

Things got to the point where Diane sold off her home in Scotland, quit her job and moved to Sri Lanka to get married to her boyfriend. However, things got bad the moment they married as Priyanjana apparently lost interest in his wife.

Talking to the Daily Mail, Diane said that after getting married, her husband rarely had sex with her and he would also pick up fights with her. To her horror, he was already married and had apparently married the British national for her money.

However, Diane was hopelessly in love with her husband and she said that in total, she had given him about £100,000. He would demand money from her and Diane would eventually have to submit and give it to him.

Priyanjana was shot dead last month and it is being speculated that his friends killed him for money. According to Diane, his friends were jealous of his new wealth and were demanding money from him. Initially he gave them some, but when they increased their demand, he refused which led to his death.

Now Diane is stranded in Sri Lanka as she has no money left to return home. However, she says that her husband’s death will give her a reason to move on and she will find a way to return back to her previous life.