Sarah Cummins had worked very hard to have her dream wedding which was set to take place this week. She had looked forward to the event for two years and had planned out each and every detail very meticulously. However, there was a complete change in plans as the wedding got called-off last minute and left Sarah devastated. Even though the reason for the cancellation is still not known, it surely left Sarah extremely sad.

Instead of welling in her pain and letting all the food go to waste, Sarah had the brilliant idea of throwing a party for the homeless instead. What was supposed to be her extravagant wedding, turned out to be a feast for the poor and in the end, it made Sarah very happy.

According to the details provided, Sarah is a pharmacy student who had saved up to $30,000 for the event at a venue which was supposed to host 170 guests. When the wedding got cancelled, Sarah had no idea what to do about all the arrangements.

“It was really devastating to me. I called everyone, canceled, apologised, cried, called vendors, cried some more, and then I started feeling really sick about just throwing away all the food I ordered for the reception,” she said.

Instead of letting all the food go to waste, Sarah decided to throw a party for the homeless people and started working on the arrangements right away with her event planner. She got in touch with various local shelters looking for people she could invite at her wedding-turned-party.

Event planner Maddie LaDow at the Ritz Charles said that this wasn’t the first time she had seen someone cancel a wedding on such short notice. “Some people throw parties, some completely walk away, but none has ever done anything this charitable,” she said. “It is very honourable of her.”

A bus arranged by Sarah went to various shelters to pick up the homeless people to the party. Several local residents also joined hands and donated clothes which could be worn by the attending guests.

On the menu were bourbon-glazed meatballs, goat cheese and roasted garlic bruschetta, chicken breast with artichokes and Chardonnay cream sauce and, yes, the wedding cake.

In the end, Sarah was very happy that at least her cancelled wedding made someone happy. “I will at least have some kind of happy memory to pull from,” she said. “I’ve worked so many weekends and so much overtime to pay for this, I wanted to make sure it would be the perfect wedding.”