Last month a teenage couple was electrocuted to death by members of their own family and buried in secret. However, authorities have now started investigating the case after it came to light earlier this month.

According to the latest reports court orders were given to exhume the bodies of the deceased couple and conduct autopsy on the corpses. The exhumation began on Wednesday and forensic experts including MLA Samia Saeed, Dr Fateh Mirza and Dr Qarar Abbas, started the process in the presence of a magistrate.

The initial reports have suggested that the bodies had marks on their legs, heads and shoulders due to electrocution.

According to the details of the case, the girl was aged 15 or 16 and the boy was 18-years-old. They both eloped last month from Karachi’s Ibrahim Haideri area on August 14, and tried to make a life on their own.

However, the boy’s family contacted him and lured the couple back giving a false promise of marrying them off if they returned.

When they returned, a jira or local council ordered the couple’s execution after their families brought the case to them. Both the victims were then tied to wooden beds and electrocuted to death by members of their own families.

“The (jirga) decided that the girl would be electrocuted by her own father and uncle and the boy by his father and uncle,” police officer Amanullah Marwat told AFP, adding that the families later buried the bodies in secret.

Police have arrested the relatives of both the victims and charged them with murder and tampering with evidence. However, the leader of the Jirga is still at large and the police are conducting raids to arrest him.