The problem of use of illicit drugs is increasing all over Pakistan. Young children and teenagers are able to buy these drugs due to their easy availability in educational institutes and other public areas.

The Special Investigation Unit (SIU) is on a crackdown against drug peddlers and smugglers and due to their efforts, the Islamabad unit of the SIU was able to arrest two drug supplier from the capital on Thursday. A huge amount of narcotics was also recovered from the busted criminals.

According to the details provided by a police spokesperson, a team of the SIU headed by Deputy Superintendent of the Police (DSP) Ashraf Shah arrested Waris Masih and Ashfaq for supplying heroine and hashish to the educational institutes of Islamabad and Rawalpindi.

The two, who were apprehended by separate police squads, were carrying 1.01 kilogrammes of hashish and 120 grams of heroin.

Meanwhile SSP Islamabad Sajid Kiani appreciated the efforts of the official in the capture of these drug peddlers and he directed all police officials to further remain vigilant in their respective areas and ensure that those involved in this heinous business are severely punished.

Teenagers and children who get into the habit of drug abuse at an early age have a more difficult time getting sober again and their chances of a bright future are ruined due to drug abuse. Such a customer base is also easy to get access to through these educational institutes hence the drug dealers target these institutes.

SSP Kiani urged citizens to report suspicious activity to the social media cell of the Islamabad police, assuring that the name of the informant would be kept a secret.