A road rage incident claimed the life of one person and injured three others at Sea View Road side on Sunday. According to the police, three vehicles were involved in the incident and all of them were recovered by the end of the day.

According to the details of the incident provided, four people were on their way from Do Darya in Phase 8 of the Defense Housing Authority (DHA) in a car when they reportedly hit a sports bike from behind and instead of stopping to check, they sped away.

Upon seeing this, a black double-cabin chased down the car and opened fire on them. The double-cabin was also escorting the injured biker. According to the police, one of the passengers of the double-cabin fired at the car nine times and after that, the passengers got out of the vehicle and beat up the passengers of the car.

As a result, one of the firing, one of the passengers of the vehicle passed away while three others were injured.

After the incident came to light, police immediately launched a search operation with raids being conducted in PECHS, Kashmir Road and adjoining areas. The four suspects were later arrested from Khalid bin Waleed Road while the pick-up was also seized.

The suspect who opened fire at the vehicle has been identified as Khalid Burney. Meanwhile the rider of the bike—identified as Dr. Abdul Rahim—has disassociated himself from the suspects, saying he doesn’t know them.

Authorities also recovered weapons from the detainees and filed a case in this regard.

Chief Minister Sindh Murad Ali Shah had taken notice of the incident and also sought a report from the additional inspector general of police.