The Sea View hit-and-run killing case in Karachi keeps getting intriguing as details emerge regarding the incident. Contrary to what was said by the motorbike rider who said that he did not know the prime suspect in the case, the main accused maintains that he is acquainted with him.

According to the details provided, Khawar Burney admitted before the police that the bike rider—Dr Abul Rahim—is his friend. Detailing his version of the entire incident before the police, Burney said that the Mercedes, in which there were four young men including the deceased, collided with Rahim’s bike from the back on the road heading towards a restaurant on Sea View.

“They (Mercedes) directly hit the bike. Dr Rahim smashed into their windscreen. I chased the car and beckoned them to stop the car. They swerved towards me and continued speeding away while my friend (Dr Rahim) was on their windscreen,” the prime suspect said.

“They braked hard, flinging Dr Rahim on the road and sped away,” he added. “I don’t remember Rahim’s friends by name, Rahim was the biker. My friendship is only with him.”

He claimed that Dr Rahim’s security guard pointed the weapon at the Mercedes’ drivers head after the vehicle had stopped.

“His (Dr Rahim’s) security guard had the rifle, he may have pointed the weapon,” he said.

Burney maintained that the incident happened by ‘accident.’ He said that he opened fire on the Mercedes after the car hit his Vigo.

“I wanted to aim at the tyre but the Mercedes turned [into my Vigo] causing my hand to flinch and the bullets hit the car,” said Burney. They hit my car three times, on the third time I fired on the car tyres, upon which he swerved into my Vigo. My finger was on the trigger while I was driving the car. While turning the car, it was a very heated moment, I fired on them and the incident happened.”

On Monday, the judicial magistrate had granted Burney’s two-day physical remand in the case. The suspect is still in custody and his hearing will commence when the investigations are completed.

The deceased, identified as 18-year-old Zafir, was laid to rest at the DHA graveyard.