Pooja Ganatra was born to Indian parents, speaks Hindi and is very much Indian, but her looks deceive everyone as her ginger hair, emerald eyes, fair skin and freckled face presents a different image.

The 24-year-old was born in Mumbai to ‘typical Indian’ parents but her looks are so different that she is now demanding a DNA test to find out more about her ancestry. She wants to know from where her unusual looks come from.

Pooja has lived in India for her entire life but she has been mistaken for a foreigner on more than one occasion. Growing up in India, she has also been bullied for her unusual looks while growing up.

Pooja, who runs her own clothes manufacturing business, said: “When I was born, my family had never seen anyone who looked like me before because they all have brown skin, black hair and brown eyes, like most Indians.

“Everyone in my neighbourhood was absolutely fascinated by me and were all very curious as to why I looked so different.

“When my freckles started appearing everywhere when I was three, because none of my relatives had ever gotten freckles before, they didn’t know what they were.

“I was rushed to the doctors because everyone thought it was a birth defect or skin disease.”

Pooja further added that while visiting tourist sites in India, she is always charged the tourists’ rate and she has to show her passport in order to prove she is Indian. She says that even taxi drivers are shocked when she starts speaking to them in Hindi as they expect her to be a foreigner.

Pooja’s father Rajesh, 51, has darker skin while her mother, Hemaxi, 46, has slightly lighter than average skin and has a few freckles, although none on her face.

Pooja hopes that the DNA test will help her explain why she looks the way she does.