Google is a giant tech company which keeps being pulled into litigation charges over one matter or another. However, an interested case has emerged in which one of the ex-employees of the company has sued it because he said he was discriminated against for being a ‘white man with conservative political views’.

James Damore used to be an engineer in Google and in an internal memo, he asserted that biological causes were behind tech industry gender inequality. The memo became public, causing an uproar among the public, especially the women. Google fired Damore in August, saying that he had perpetuated gender stereotypes.

Damore— along with another employee who was fired by Google, David Gudeman—hired a Republican Party official as their attorney. These firings have become a popular cause among right-leaning US bloggers and there are a number of people siding with the duo.

Damore and Gudeman have filed the lawsuit as a proposed class action in Santa Clara County Superior Court in California. The lawsuit alleges workplace discrimination and retaliation.

“Damore, Gudeman, and other class members were ostracized, belittled, and punished for their heterodox political views, and for the added sin of their birth circumstances of being Caucasians and/or males,” the lawsuit said.

The lawsuit claims that Google failed to protect employees, especially white men, from workplace harassment related to their support of US President Donald Trump for conservative political views.

The lawsuit also alleges that Google maintains a secret blacklist of conservative media personalities who are not allowed to enter Google offices.

Meanwhile Google released a statement saying; “We look forward to defending against Mr. Damore’s lawsuit in court.”