The case against the rapist and murderer of seven-year-old girl from Kasur, Zainab, has begun in an Anti-Terrorism Court (ATC) in Lahore. The ATC has levied formal charges against the culprit, Imran Ali, accusing him of abduction, rape and murder of eight minor children in Kasur, including Zainab.

Regular proceedings against Imran Ali began on Monday after the he refused to accepted the charges which have been levelled against him in the challan submitted by the police.

Ali maintains that he is innocent and the police have wrongfully detained him. Now that the case has begun, all the evidence against Ali will be presented in court.

ATC judge Sajjad Ahmad also recorded statements of 20 prosecution witnesses during proceedings that lasted 11 hours.The ATC judge summoned more witnesses from a list of 56 prosecution witnesses to appear before it today (Tuesday).

The Lahore High Court has given orders that the case against the accused should be conducted on a daily basis and it should be concluded within a week. The court was also informed that evidence against the accused has been gathered which includes; CCTV footage, DNA test results, polygraph test, the accused clothes and other items.

The police further said that Ali took Zainab to an under-construction site where he raped and killed her, later disposing her body in a trash dump. The minor girl was abducted from in front of her aunt’s house in Kasur on January 4, while her parents were away for Umrah.