A one-of-its-kind and brutal punishment was given out to a man in India who had run away and married his boss’s wife. An outraged mob assaulted the man and blinded him by injecting acid in his eyes.

According to the details provided, the man used to work as a tractor driver in Bihar’s Teghra District. However, instead of just focusing on his job, he let his emotions take over and married his boss’s wife. Enraged by this indecency, an angry mob tried to serve justice to this man by blinding him with acid.

The acid attack victim told the police that he had been employed as a tractor driver in the Barauni village in Teghra. Over there, he locked gaze with his employer’s wife and for the pair it was love at first sight. The man admitted that an affair developed between the two and they decided to get married.

The matrimony took place on February 6. However, the employer found out and filed a case against his employee. In the complaint, the employer had alleged that the culprit had abducted his wife.

However, the woman returned to Teghra on February 16 and recorded her statement in a local court. Her husband was asked to take her to his house.

On Saturday evening, the 30-year-old second husband of the woman received a call from her brother-in-law, asking him to take her away. He was requested to meet her at the district precinct and on his way there he got attacked by a mob of around 20 men who beat him badly and injected acid in his eyes.

They left him mutilated near Hanuman Chowk, Bhagwanpur area of the district. A man passing by the landmark site caught site of the man and rushed him to a hospital at Begusarai.

The case is being investigated and so far one person has been arrested.