It appears that all the claims made by TV anchor Dr Shahid Masood, regarding Zainab’s rapist and murderer, are false. The senior anchor had alleged that Imran Ali had connections with international child pornography ring and that he was backed by certain politicians.

Upon learning of these claims, the Supreme Court (SC) had ordered an inquiry into the case and an investigation committee headed by Director General Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) had been formed. The committee rejected all the 18 claims made by the TV personality after the investigations revealed the facts.

The report submitted states convict Imran Ali has no connection with any international child pornography ring. He does not have 37 bank accounts and he has no contacts with any influential personalities like the federal minister, the report confirms.

Allegations that Imran posted the photo of Zainab were also proven wrong after thorough investigation.

Just a day after presenting evidence to the Supreme Court in January, Dr Shahid Masood had backtracked from his statement in which he alleged that Imran Ali owned 37 bank accounts.

Speaking to a local news channel the anchorperson said that investigation was not his responsibility and it was the job of state institutions to find the authenticity of the news.
“I did not provide this information with any wrong intent,” he said.

Masood was supposed to appear before the Joint Investigation Team to submit evidence on Friday but did not do so.