The internet has many benefits, but there are many downsides to the technology as well. It has been observed that due to the unlimited connectivity to the cyber-world, couples have been drifting apart.

An incident took place in India, in which a husband threw punches at his wife because she had disconnected the internet connection at home. According to the details provided, the incident took place on Wednesday in India’s Hyderabad city where the couple had been residing.

The wife, Reshma Sultana had reportedly switched off the WiFi connection because her husband was using the internet incessantly and not going to sleep. In a bid to make him go to sleep, she turned off the WiFi, but instead of going to lala land, the husband threw a fit of rage and started beating up Sultana.

Sultana’s mother lodged a complaint at a nearby police station in Somajigudu area of the city after the incident was reported. She told the police that there had been differences between the couple but things had never gotten this bad before.

Sultana, a mother of three, is now admitted at a private hospital and is receiving treatment for injuries which she received for on chest, face and head.

A case has been registered against the husband to arrest him for domestic assault.