The problem of drug use and abuse is increasing at a very fast pace in Pakistan as mostly young adults are getting hooked on to these dangerous drugs. On Thursday, police arrested a US-educated man from Karachi, who had been involved in selling Methamphetamine, which is popularly known as crystal meth or sheesha in Karachi.

SSP South Sarfaraz Nawaz told reporters that a man identified as Adeel alias Vicky, had been arrested while he was selling the dangerous drug to customers. Vicky had completed his Masters from the University of Carolina and belongs to a well-to-do family living in the United States.

The SSP added that the police recovered crystal meth and related equipment from the suspect’s possession.

Nawaz further shed light on Vicky’s modus operandi, saying that the suspect used to operate through Facebook for dealing in drugs. He himself got hooked on to the drug when he went to jail in Pakistan in relation to a murder case.

When Vicky got out, he himself started dealing in crystal meth, and now has a wide network to which he supplies the drug.

The SSP revealed that the suspect had hundreds of clients, and 50 percent of them were girls. It has been found out that there is a growing problem of drug use in Karachi and a number of apartments in posh areas are used as dens for drug usage.

Drug peddlers lure their victims into their net by giving them free drugs at parties. In case the customers can’t pay for the drugs, they are turned into suppliers to expand the business.

Investigation officials have claimed that 50 to 60 dealers have been identified in the business.