KFC needs to improve its image or it might be too late for them

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KFC needs to improve its image or it might be too late for them

Fast food restaurants are starting to get bigger by the day and with the growing completion that is being developed, most fast food chains need to try and work on their image to get an advantage over their competitors.

Kentucky Fired Chick or KFC, was amongst the first foreign chains to open up in Pakistan and it almost immediately became a massive success.

The food that they offer is perfect for the South Asian market and their chicken is easily amongst the best in the world.

However, despite that fact, it seems like KFC has started to fall from grace lately. Their service has been tardy, they food is no longer of the standards that it once set and it is losing more and more customers to its competitors as the days go by.

To start things off, KFC tend to employ very unenthusiastic people. Their staff is not very keen on serving you and they tend to take they sweet time before taking any orders.

The food itself takes forever to be made and once it is made, you tend to wish for it to have never been made in the first place. Apart from the chicken, pretty much everything else is a mess. Their French-fries are not up to the mark and their buns are
rather stale.

The packaging that they serve their food in is rather flimsy and their Pepsi containers tend to leak or open up on more than a couple of occasions.

However, what is the worst aspect about the restaurant in the pungent smell that the restaurant throws in your face every time you walk in.

All of these problems seem to have come into existence after the customers lay witness to the standards that Pizza Hut, McDonalds and Hardees have set and since then, they have lost their interest in KFC.

KFC should try and get its act together, sooner rather than later, or it might end up being forced out of the Pakistani market altogether.

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