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Sahir Lodhi’s sister Shaista Wahidi is another drama queen. She is a doctor but refrains from her moral duties and rather wastes people’s time by running the morning show ‘Utho Jaago Pakistan’. It’s like she has the responsibility for waking up people and
making them listen to her useless and senseless discussions on hopeless and weird topics.

It was my bad luck that I tuned into her show on a surprise holiday last Monday and what I saw was totally incredible. For a minute I forgot that she is a doctor because her reaction to the medical opinions given by her ‘guest doctors’ (who are called upon
for their expert opinion) were remarkable – she seemed to find everything alien; whatever they were saying brought a strange expression to her face; for a doctor to have such an amused reaction was strange. If she is a real doctor then she must have a little
prior knowledge about what they were talking about. It actually raised a doubt about her PhD degree!

Her approach seems immature and I felt like her show was made for a 5-year-old kid. I couldn’t understand the ‘shaadi week’ concept of her show. What is that? Instead of having an intellectual conversation with her guests she decides to have this ‘shaadi
week’ where people pretend to be in-laws and relatives. She is confused herself and is promoting doubt-oriented thinking with her undeveloped and infantile personality. Sadly some people find her to be a great host and like it!

One of her segment the topic of the day was talking about ‘maasis’ – (ladies that work at others home to earn their livelihood/ maids). The show should have been directed towards them and I’m sure they were given credit and tribute for their efforts. However,
it turned out to be a strange, confounding mix of political incorrectness and disaster.

Playing demurely with your ‘duppata ka pallo’ and saying ‘yeh to meri dooty (duty) hai’ doesn’t make you Kewl (cool) – it rather puts you in the category of wanna-be’s and it is strictly NOT FUNNY!

Apparently she tried to look like a ‘massi’ but her wardrobe that ranged with colours from orange to yellow, and from green to pink, along with, her old fashion 70’s makeup, and oh! Not to forget her gold rings which were no way close to any ‘maasi’s’ depicted
the opposite to what ‘maasi’s’ actually are!

She needs to behave more like an intellectual adult and needs to take on a mature attitude. Moreover, she should stop glamorizing herself when she is representing one of the poorest social groups of our nation.

If you don’t have anything meaningful to say to your audience then please don’t say anything at all because hundreds of woman tune in to listen to you –Shaista the queen of morning TV. If you keep disappointing your fans and audience like this, they will
one day say the same things about you that they say about your beloved brother and that, my dear will be BAD…! Beware… Be very aware!

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