Murree City in need of proper sewerage system and sewerage treatment plant

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Murree is the most accessible and probably the busiest summer resort and hill station of the country. It draws thousands of visitors throughout the year from both within and from abroad.  Murree’s Mall Road (official name Jinnah Road) is probably the most
attracted and crowded place in all of the hill station.

One of the main reasons for the popularity of the mall road among the tourists attraction is the availability of all sort of facilities to the visitors.  Besides other facilities, mall road features different sort of the hotels, restaurants and motels, which
mostly remained upon throughout the clock during the peak seasons.

However, the city lacks a proper sewerage system for proper discharge of sewage.  A sewerage system consists of drains, pipelines, manholes etc.   The buildings in the city have laid the pipelines to take the sewage from the building to the nearby “Nalah”.

These “Nalahs” are actually the naturally formed watercourses formed over the time to discharge the rain and snow water from the mountain.   These Nalahs often run throughout the length of the mountain before terminating at the foot of the mountain in a
bigger watercourse. These ultimately terminate into the small rivers, which ultimately drops in the water reservoir of the twin cities.

Unfortunately, both the visitors and the government neglect the absence of the proper sewerage system.  This absence of the proper system causes many environmental problems. The most evident of them is the un-bearable smell, which one can come across on
way on the Shiwala – Murree Express Road (commonly known as Murree Motorway). The stink is simply unbearable for those travelling through this 3-4 KMs area.

Even horrifying is the fact that a dense population is located on the catchment area of the Nalahs taking treating the sewerage on the both sides of the mountain.  In addition to the bad odor, the seepage of the sewage in the ground contaminates the underground
water reservoirs, which causes different widespread diseases. Additionally, the environmental pollution caused by the sewage overall has an adverse affect the overall ecology of the area.

The need of the hour is that the government should set up a proper sewerage treatment plan on the emergency basis.  Besides this, it is the need of the hour to develop proper regulation for the hotels, motels and restaurants operating in the hill stations
to have a proper sewerage drainage system, which should take the sewage away from the densely populated areas.

Money is important but without ‘Will’, even money is nothing and unfortunately, there is lack of will to develop Murree.


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