A movie that denies every rule of being a “Vampire”; Twilight Saga – ‘Breaking Dawn’

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Here comes another blunder…the Twilight Saga continued with its latest movies release, Breaking Dawn. Well yet another crappy version of the good old first part of the trilogy. There is this great problem with the movie. Well not just one, there
are many but there are some that undoubtedly do not make sense.

The first thing that a person wonders is that what does Bella want?? She loves Edward, however, at the same time, she likes Jacob as well and cannot let go of the werewolf because he is his friend or is he?? May the new part is just a desperate attempt from
the writer to make more money.

Well it is a good attempt to make money; however, the movie is surely going to waste a lot of time. After the first two attempts the third was just “pathetic!!” And to put a cherry on the cake there came the fourth part, Breaking Dawn.

Well the second controversy starts here. We have seen in other vampire movies that vampires have no blood and they cannot reproduce a child through…you know the normal way humans do. And the second thing!! I still don’t get the first thing!!!…even if
Bella was made a vampire through biting, they still cannot reproduce!!!

The writer explains the phenomena in this manner that vampires are frozen in time…what does that mean??? This is nothing but a lame explanation to an even lame movie. And adding to that Jacob is now trying to kill Bella. Apparently the new born is a threat
to the werewolves!!!…i have another question here…a vampire does not grow old, then how does a baby vampire is endangering the super cool wolf pack???

Well Edwards I guess you should get a good movie contract rather because Jacob has done a fantastic job in his new release “Abduction”. And Bella should start giving some expressions because if she thinks people are going to find her sexy in like this. Nevertheless,
the third part made he think I should’ve listened to my friends but the boring day made me push to watch it, not this time.

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