The globe gets warmer, as 2011 was one of the warmest years in history

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The globe gets warmer, as 2011 was one of the warmest years in history

The earth’s temperature is getting hotter by the day, as 2011 was one of the warmest years in history according to a report by World Meteorological Organisation (WMO).

Global warming has become a serious issue in recent times, as the world has witnessed record high temperatures in the ongoing year.

The United Nations (UN) has been worried on the rapid climatic changes in the past decade and wants the countries to respond to the situation before it gets too late.

During a gathering in South Africa, where the UN held talks with almost 200 nations on the climatic changes, WMO Deputy Secretary-General Jerry Lengoasa stated, “Our science is solid and it proves unequivocally that the world is warming and that this warming
is due to human activities. Global temperatures in 2011 are currently the tenth highest on record and are higher than any previous year with a La Nina event, which has a relative cooling influence.”

WMO Secretary-General Michel Jarraud was also worried on the current situation and added, “Concentrations of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere have reached new highs. They are very rapidly approaching levels consistent with a 2-2.4 degree Centigrade rise
in average global temperatures which scientists believe could trigger far reaching and irreversible changes in our Earth, biosphere and oceans.”

The current situation is quite alarming and people who did not earlier belive in the gobal warning theory have now accepted that it is actually happening.

Muller, who was a global warming sceptic, recently conducted a study to find out that he was actually wrong in saying that the earth was not getting warmer.

The scientist was very popular amongst the ones who did not believe in the global warming theory, but might face some criticism now.

He recently headed Berkeley Earth Surface Temperature study (BEST) in order to find the truth behind the global warming theory and the results clearly indicated that he had been wrong in criticising the theory for all these years.

The climatic changes have brought severe floods in different parts of the world and thousands of people have died due to this in the past year with millions left homeless.

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