Pakistan’s central role in the war against terror is yet to be acknowledged

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Pakistan’s central role in the war against terror is yet to be acknowledged

Pakistan has been playing a central part in the war against terror
and has sacrificed countless soldiers and civilians for the last many years. But unfortunately, the contribution of Pakistan is yet to be fully acknowledged by USA and the rest of advanced nations of the world.

It seems that all leading nations in the world including USA still want Pakistan to do more in the war against terror without even appreciating the efforts, the country has made so far. No other country in the whole world has contributed so much in the war
against terror as Pakistan did and also doing at the moment. But USA is still unhappy with the performance of Pakistan.

There have been occasions when the sovereignty of Pakistan has been attacked by violating the international laws. But the international community or aliens of USA remained quiet which shows their double standards. Recently, the NATO forces attacked on a
security check post of Pakistan near Pak-Afghanistan border and killed 24 soldiers.

It was a horrible incident and was a severe attack on the sovereignty of Pakistan through this open violation of international law but the USA showed no sign of remorse over the incident declaring it as an unintentional act. It seems that the lives of Pakistanis
hold no importance in the eyes of USA and they treat the poor people of Pakistan like animals.

Pakistan’s rulers have always been supporting the desires of USA even going against the will of common people in the country. They have been doing so to gain power and other personal benefits and the general masses became the victim in the so-called war
against terror.

It has become a harsh reality that for USA, the people of Pakistan are not human beings and their lives have no significance at all. It is a shame for the leaders of Pakistan, who have been supporting American cause but lost the prestige of their own country.

USA always wanted more and more from Pakistan and in return Pakistanis got nothing but the attack of NATO forces. The people of Pakistan will remain suffering from the hands of USA until the rulers of the country determine and follow the interests of Pakistan.
At first they should think about the interest of Pakistan and all other things should come on a secondary level.

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