Global Warming and its effects on earth

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Global Warming and its effects on earth

The ‘earth’ is the only known planet where life exists as it is compatible to the requirements of living creatures. However, it also gets effects from other planets and the most important planet is Sun, which is also a pivot, around which earth revolves.

Sun throws its rays of light on earth and these rays are beneficial and problematic at the same time. Some rays and beneficial, but some others are harmful, which can destroy the elements of life on earth.

Earth is facing numerous climate problems and Global Warming is one of them. It has become a global issue and is growing with an incredible pace. Because of this problem, the temperature of the earth is increasing to a great extent steadily.

The earth gains heat when the sun’s heat and light enters in the atmosphere of earth and eventually increases the quantity of greenhouse gases. Greenhouse gases include carbon dioxide, water vapor, nitrous oxide and methane.

These fatal gases are also destroying Ozone Layer which is protective layer around earth and saves it from the ultraviolet rays of the Sun. These rays are now affecting the earth and also becoming harmful for the living creatures on it. Global Warming is
the result of this process that also causes many diseases like skin cancer, eye disease etc.

The ice is melting from the mountains very rapidly and increasing the level of oceans and consequently so many living places are sinking into the water. Because of this shrinking process of living places the food chain will be also get these harmful effects
and the shortage of food will bring destruction as it will push the life towards an end.

So many people are suffering with starvation especially in Africa because of food shortage. Global Warming is also causing natural disasters such as floods, storms etc very frequently at the present time.

Below mentioned are a few reasons that are contributing in the growth of the Global Warming.  

  • Electrical Pollution: The pollution caused by electricity is increasing the heat of our planet. Fossil fuels like oil and petroleum are used to generate electricity and these fossil fuels generate harmful gases that bring pollution in the
  • Atomic Energy: Another very important source of generating electricity is atomic energy. This source is creating too much heat and also producing greenhouse gases very rapidly. The radiations of atomic energy are very dangerous not only
    for earth but also for human lives. It is also damaging the Ozone Layer.
  • Forests: The trees and forests play a key role to prevent us from disasters but our needs have damaged this source of prevention. But, now, people are cutting down the forests to fulfill their needs, which is affecting the climate of earth
    and the temperature is increasing with an incredible speed. With this the natural disasters are affecting the human lives very quickly now.

So many measures have been taken by different authorities and government but it is not working well so far. But only authorities can do nothing if we do not cooperate with them. It is also the responsibility of every individual to take serious steps and
save this beautiful planet from more destruction and diseases.

Here are some suggestions to prevent the earth from Global Warming:

1.      Try to find and use alternative and less harmful sources to produce energy and electricity such as solar system. Because it is very cheaper in cost and minimizes the air pollution.

2.      Stop deforestation and plant trees as many as possible as it will decrease the heat of earth.

3.      Use normal water for your daily use because hot water increases the heat.

4.      Reduce the usage of electrical things like hair drier, iron, microwave etc. Unplug them when they are not in use.

5.      Replace the light bulbs with fluorescents that use fewer watts for the same quantity of light.

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