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EA and DICE have put a lot of work into making Battlefield 3 stand out from the rest of the FPS pack and looks into some of the game’s Unique Selling Points.

The FPS or First-person shooter market is perhaps the most congested and saturated markets in the world of gaming with more titles released every year than any other genre. This makes standing out from the crowd a matter of huge importance for developers
and publishers alike.

One such developer was DICE, which was tasked with bringing the classic Battlefield experience on to the current generation of home consoles with Battlefield 3.

So what did the developer do with Battlefield 3 that gamers should be excited about?

Squad based tactical combat

Battlefield is more about than just running and gunning as the game is based around teamwork and working together to achieve victory. There is a medic class who can revive players, an engineer who is great at defending against and protecting armour, among
others and players need to find a balance of which class to take, not for their own benefit but for the greater good.

This adds a nice dynamic as a squad usually has a maximum of two players of the same class. However, the player does not have to sacrifice much either as each class has its own unique ways of earning points. A medic gets just as many points for reviving
a fallen player as a sniper gets for killing them, so in the end there is plenty of balance.


Tanks, jeeps, APCs, boats and a host of other vehicles await players on the Battlefield which changes the way players will traverse and fight in the huge maps that DICE has designed.

To be honest, we prefer driving tanks and blowing buildings to bits but that is not saying that running around with a machine gun is not fun either.

Helicopters and Fighter Jets

We believe the last one is enough advertisement in and of itself. Yes, players can fly a range of aircraft in the game, something that no other game offers.

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