Killzone developer joins Dead Space studio

Friday, February 24th, 2012 12:51:34 by

Arjan Brussee has left Guerrilla games and joined Visceral Games in a move that could require grown men to play in diapers!

There is one thing that the Killzone games were known for and that was the atmospheric environments in the game. Whether it was the industrial, desolate setting of Helghan with its bleak buildings and architecture or its bleak forests, but the best was the
backdrop where storms would be brewing in the distance.

All of those made the Killzone games a sight to behold and a truly immersive experience, one thing it did lack though was a strong storyline. Yes, it had its moments but the moments were few and far between and never really seemed to connect with the player
as often as it should.

However, the production engineer of the games, Arjan Brussee, has left the studio and has joined EA’s Visceral Game studios in a move that should have everyone sit up and take notice.

While Killzone was not known for its storyline, Dead Space and Dante’s Inferno are. Both games are IPs of Visceral who do not shy away from showing more than their fair share of gore and are always prepared to add that little bit extra in terms of shock

Anyone who has played the Lust level in Dante’s Inferno or the any of the Dead Space games will know of the studios uncompromising nature when it comes to providing a truly visceral experience.

So imagine a game along those lines, but with an even more haunting atmosphere; more shadows and dark spots where anything could be hiding, waiting to leap at you and tear your inner organs out.  That is exactly what the developer can add to the studio.

However, that will not be the case, as Mr. Brussee is set to be working on an ‘ambitious’ new title for the studio.

Whatever the case one can be sure that we will be looking forward to it and that Mr. Brussee’s obsession with glowing eyes may have been one the reasons that prompted the move. After all he did just swap the red eyes of the Helghast soldiers for the blue
ones of Isaac Clarke’s helmet in Dead Space.


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