Lunch time Buffet at Chinatown: is it worth it?

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Does the All-you-can-eat buffet at Chinatown in F8 leave one satisfied by the end of the meal, or is it just an extravagant waste of one’s hard earned money?

Islamabad is a city that is blessed with offering plenty of choice went it comes to restaurants and eateries. From shawarmas at Khokas that will make you wonder why you ever go fine-dining to restaurants that make you forget about Khokas, Islamabad has it

One of the most popular types of food in the nation’s capital is Chinese food. There is plenty of choice in the city yet each restaurant offers something unique and special. Chinatown is one restaurant that has diversified itself in such a way that everyone
can get what they want.

There is buffet for those who want a wider choice of self-replenishing food and ala carte for those who want that one specific dish that gets the mouths watering and stomach rumbling.

But we are here to find out whether or not the Lunch time buffet on the first floor of the restaurant is worth the space in one’s stomach and the money in one’s pocket.

For starters all three components of a meal are available from the get to i.e. soup, the main course and of course our nation’s favourite, the dessert.

Everyone will be pleased to know that the restaurant offers various dishes to please a variety of taste buds. There is sweet and sour, rice and noodle and spicy. Actually, there is a lot more spicy than anything else, but even that is cooked to near perfection.

Drinks are not included as part of the package so expects to shell out a little extra than the original fee. In fact, one should keep an estimate of around Rs. 850 to 900 per head to be on the safe side if one was to include a few rounds of soft drinks or
fresh juices.

In the end, the food at Chinatown is brilliant and the ambiance is both relaxed and welcoming. It may be a tad bit on the expensive side but it makes up for it by offering both quality and quantity.

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