Treyarch and Infinity Ward both working on Call of Duty Elite

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Activision has explained both developers are working on the next edition of Elite and have worked on the current version as well, though not necessarily in ‘harmony’.

The Call of Duty series is a unique franchise. Unique in the sense that the games are split into two series, one developed by Infinity Ward and the other by Treyarch; each developer releases a new game after every two years.

To simplify things, if a gamer plays a Call of Duty with Zombies in it, then they are playing a game developed by Treyarch, on the other hand any game with modern weapons and a modern-military setting can be attributed to Infinity Ward.

Yet, while both games may be similar, they both have enough to separate each other in terms of offering something different and although both studios have different visions for their games, they both seem to be contributing to Call of Duty Elite.

Noah Heller, who is the product director for Beachhead products, explained that both studios take over development of the social networking service from each other and mould it according to their requirements.

He said, “Rather than starting (Call of Duty: Elite) from scratch, it’s now a relay race and there’s a hand-off that means a lot for collaboration (between the two studios).”

Heller also pointed out that the other development studios have also been contributing but he singles out Raven Software as having done the most.

“Aside from the content they’ve (Sledgehammer, Infinity Ward and Treyarch) been working on, Raven has been helping developing the (Elite) console application.”

He also explained that each studio plays to their own strengths, which in the end, results in a more complete Call of Duty Elite product.

“I think a lot of studios have found that where they have a strength, there’s a need within the franchise, and it’s been the ability of these studios to execute against those strengths that has led to you know, I don’t know if I’d call it harmony, but I’d
definitely say there are a lot of creative, passionate people all pushing to get the ball over the line.”

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