The Muppets (2011) Review

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Is the latest Muppets movie a return to the series former glory or has Kermit and his friends finally sold their souls to squeeze out every last penny out of the dying franchise?

Back in the day, the were cartoons and there were puppets, or rather Muppets, on the Television as the primary means of entertainment for the youth. Sesame Street had Big Bird and the Cookie Monster among other iconic characters, while at the same time Kermit
and Miss Piggy had the Muppet Show.

While the former was aimed at younger audiences, the Muppet Show held huge appeal to everyone who watched a single show. After all, Kermit the Frog was an international sensation back in those times.

Emphasis here has to be given to ‘back in those days’ as for what seemingly feels like the longest time, the Muppets have fallen off the radar and it frightens me to say it, but some kids these days don’t even know who Kermit is!

There have been a number of the Muppets movies in the past though they had an easier time of it as the movies were released back when the characters were still relevant. With Pixar and other animation studios bringing in their own characters and icons, the
Muppets slowly faded away from memory.

Well, they are back and look to appeal to a whole new generation as well as to those who want to experience a fair bit of nostalgia again. That is one thing that the movie makes sure to emphasize on as throughout the movie there are moments that bring with
it memory of the old days.

But before we get too caught up in the fondness of memories past, let us first discuss the premise and the plot of the movie.

It turns out that not all Muppets know about the existence of others of their kind. Walter is the brother of Gary (Jason Segal) who since the moment he finds out is not the only Muppet on Earth dreams of meeting the stars from the Muppet Show.

Continued in Part 2…

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