Supreme Court working to ensure the rule of law in Pakistan

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Supreme Court working to ensure the rule of law in Pakistan

Superior courts in any country are formed to ensure the rule of law in that country. In Pakistan, Supreme Court (SC) is the superior court which is working to establish the rule of law in the country.

Currently, SC is exercising its powers against all corrupt people including the rulers who are in no way above the law.

Supreme Court is working to stop the evil designs of corrupt rulers who are blindly following their personal gains in every possible way.

Current situation is getting worst as the rulers have crossed all limits and are doing such things which are completely against the interest of Pakistan.

Greedy rulers in Pakistan have been digging the roots of the country just to get more and more power and wealth and in this blind pursuit of their lust, they forget that Supreme Court is there that has been judging their acts and now has taken action against

The Prime Minister and President of Pakistan are allegedly involved in corruption cases and have openly denied following the orders of Supreme Court, which has ended their credibility and has put the current corrupt government under severe threat.

These incompetent and selfish leaders who put the judicial system aside not only put their position in danger but also become harmful for the country.

SC has made it clear that the PM, Yousaf Raza Gilani has violated his oath and has not fulfilled his responsibilities which he was supposed to.

Nonetheless, the so-called leaders in government still keep on spitting that they will complete their five years, which is the only objective they are working for. They do not have any concern with what is going on in every corner of Pakistan.

Rulers are busy in devising the ways to complete their five-year tenure just to get one more year for corruption.

However, now they cannot continue their mean acts of corruption in every department of the country as Supreme Court is keenly observing every act the corrupt rulers make.

The recent Memogate scandal, which is a conspiracy against the armed forces of Pakistan, has brought embarrassment to the image of Pakistan as the President of the country is allegedly involved in it, and Supreme Court has taken a severe notice of this issue
and is working on it.

SC has become a stumbling block against the evil designs of corrupt rulers and it is exposing their real faces in front of the general masses of Pakistan.

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