Sights and Sounds of Pakistan: Peshawar-Last part

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Sights and Sounds of Pakistan: Peshawar-Last part

Peshawar Cantonment is the best part of the city, with wide open two way roads, lined with age old trees with large canopies, providing shade to the passersby in the scorching summers. The main market or called the "Saddar Bazar" is throng with ladies to
buy cloth which is available in abundance. Many a building of the British era still stand here adding majestic vestige look to the beauty of the city.

Bala Hisar Fort is located at the north-western edge of the city was built in 1519 AD during the reign of the Mughal Emperor Babar.  The words are Persian, the name was given by the Afghan King Taimur Shah Durrani (1773-1793), meaning, “elevated
or high fort”.  

The area covered by the inner wall of the fort is about 10 acres and the outer wall is about 15 acres. The height of the fort is about 90 feet above ground level. One cannot miss it when entering Peshawar city if coming from Islamabad. It is a massive structure
with huge battlements and ramparts. The fort was rebuilt in its present form by the Sikh Governor of Peshawar, Hari Singh Nalva, in the 1830’s.

The Sikhs during rein of Ranjit Singh named it Samir Garh in 1834 but the name did not become popular. Presently the fort houses government offices. Islamia College Peshawar is a famous and historical educational institution. Many a notables
from the city and even the province are graduates from this college. Above in black and white is a shot of the college in early 1900s while the colored snap shows as it stands today.

16 kilometers from Peshawar, on the Khyber Road, an old battle-ship attracts the eye: this is
Jamrud Fort (right). It is built on a high spot on a 100 yds square ground half a mile from the Jamrud railway station. The fort also houses the grave of its builder, the famous Sikh General Hari Singh Nalwa, who died here in action against
the forces of the Amir of Kabul in 1837 AD. Bab-e-Khyber (left) or the Gate of Khyber is a beautiful arched gate was constructed near Jamrud in 1963 to enhance the grandeur, dignity and beauty of the famous Khyber Pass.

The gate not only acts as an entrance to the Khyber Pass but is also the centre of attraction of tourists. The gate was inaugurated on 11th of June 1963 by Field Marshal Muhammad Ayub Khan, the then president of Pakistan. Ever since, it has served as a symbolic
postcard picture epitomizing the strength and grace of Khyber, and appears on the insignia of the NWFP Government. Tour de Pakistan race originates at this point.

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