Desperate wish of a common man is prosperous Pakistan

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Desperate wish of a common man is prosperous Pakistan

Every individual, since the creation of Pakistan, has been wishing to see this country prospering but no one could witness a desired prosperity so far.

The poor situation is proceeding in the wrong direction and instead of powering its way into next or higher stage; the country is going on the contrary.

Muhammad Ali Jinnah died just one year after the creation of Pakistan and the country came in the hands of those who had malicious designs in their minds.

Numerous people ruled this country in the last 64 years but none of them could put it on the right track of success. They tried to satisfy their personal benefits on the cost of national interest.

It started right after the death of Muhammad Ali Jinnah and since then, Pakistan has been remained a play ground for rulers and they used this play ground to for their own benefits.

Common man holds no worth in the eyes of the rulers because they do not think for the welfare of the state. They only remain busy in following their own objectives and always think for their own selves.

Pakistan has not found even a single leader after the death of its founder who could work for its development.

Ongoing circumstances are worst as every department of Pakistan is suffering with a dreadful slump.

Greedy rulers are sucking the blood of poor people by increasing the prices of everything under the sky.

People are forced to live the life of beggars because they are facing huge problems in even getting the basic amenities of life.

Instead of collecting taxes from industrialists, feudal and the elite class, government is busy in increasing the prices of electricity, gas, fuel and other basic amenities of life.

These soaring prices have made the life a hell for those who are called the downtrodden class of Pakistan.

Current situation has become so pathetic that a prosperous Pakistan has just become a dream for a layman, because it does not seem that the situation will change in near future.

Government should take positive steps now to put the country in the right direction as every individual is waiting for that desperately.

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