Media sensationalism creates confusion among general masses

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Media sensationalism creates confusion among general masses

Media sensationalism in Pakistan has become a common trend as the media organizations always try to create hype even to those matters that hold no importance at all.

Channels of Media are spreading a feeling of disappointment among the general masses through sensationalising the minor issues.

At the existing time, Media is considered as the fourth pillar of a state throughout the world. Nevertheless, with this growing significance also comes greater responsibility on media.

Major objective of media is to make people aware of the happening at national or international level while remaining impartial.

Nonetheless in Pakistan, media is being used by a few people for their personal gains on the cost of national interest.

Newspapers and news channels own policies which are formed in accordance with the personal benefits.

A few media organizations support one political party and the other support a different party. There are also some media organizations that always support the ruling party.

The media in Pakistan is currently not playing its role in the true sense of journalism as almost every channel is supporting someone in order to fulfil some hidden agendas.

Considering this, all media organizations in the country always try to create hype on a matter which has no significance at all.

Media organisations in Pakistan are not playing their role in the true sense as they create sensationalism which put a common man in disappointment and he starts thinking that there is nothing positive left in this country.

Making people aware of true picture of affairs is the responsibility of media but at the same time media organizations should also avoid to promote sensationalism just to get more viewership and higher ratings.

These media organisations should follow the true spirit of journalism and should remain impartial to every matter and also should present the true picture of issues without sensationalising them.

In order to keep the true spirit of journalism alive, media is supposed to work in a neutral way.

However, in Pakistan the situation is quite opposite which is quite alarming as it makes people fools by keeping them away from the true picture of matters.

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